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Body crystal technology

Starts July 22, 2024

certified by Neuroakashic® Universcity and The Crystal City

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Field cordoning

It is the oxygenation of the cells, this is protection for your cells. Some indicators or signals that it is not happening or that there is not enough cellular fuel, in other words there is absence or lack of cellular fuel supply.

Neuron system
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Molecule,DNA Helix

bioshocks in neuronal circuits

  • Violation of security locks
  • Alerts
  • Frauds
  • Accidents
  • Thefts
  • Excessive anger and frustration
  • Excessive confusion and doubt
  • Witchcraft
  • Addictions
  • Drugs
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systems crossing - neural traffic

The higher the levels, the higher the levels of cross-system toxicity. Exposure to this is the disease.

All this is called system crossing (neuron traffic). In crossing systems there are no acts of the observer or fuel.

Abstract Neural Network
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Human Cell Biology DNA Strands Molecular Structure Illustration


There is an 85 to 90% level of cross-system toxicity and this results in disease. And this is also the imbalance between giving and receiving, giving commits you to receive this is also the imbalance in giving-money-light.

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Give-money-light flow

It is interrelated with the disease, that is:

Greater oxygenation of cells, less crossing of systems, fluid flow of the give-money-light cycle, and this is neuronal expansion, this is health.

This is the main reason for the existence of this technology and installation of a new neural network system. Introducing and installing a new 4-stage neural network system model.

Crystals technology:

Crystal technology is image codes that function as quantum holographic patterns in the person's body, through gamma wave phototherapy technology in the user, acting as cellular fuels to repair the neural network system to achieve balance and welfare.

  • Akashic Activator®️ Unlimited Light®️
  • Akashic®️ Activator II
  • Akashic®️ Connection
  • Neurokashic®️ Connection
  • Expandia
  • Network Systems
  • Great Network systems
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Quantum Neurotechnology

Body crystal technology

Model to install the new Crystal Technology:




  • Akashic Activator®️ Unlimited Light®️
  • Akashic Activator®️ II
  • Akashic Connection®️

Reparation of



  • Neurokashic®️ Connection

Installation of the

new network system


  • Expandia


⁠Maintenance of the new system

  • Network Systems
  • Great Network systems


  • Gamma brain waves
  • Balanced nervous system
  • Reduction of anxiety and stress
  • Improved sleep status and cycle
  • Regulates metabolism
  • Balances the immune system
  • Rejuvenating and cellular regenerating
  • Development of superbrain abilities and skills
  • Coherence: brain-heart-intestines
  • State of harmony, abundance, balance and prosperity
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Next certification

Akashic Activator®️ Unlimited Light®️



Activator II

Geneticist working with human DNA.


Neural Network System



Mind Atoms

Great Network

System, super brain

Neuroakashic® Connection

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Intensive certification dates

STARTS JULY 22, 2024

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— 7:30 to 10 pm CDMX time

— 5:30 to 8 pm California time

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  • Group sessions
  • Individual sessions
  • Remote sessions
  • Online sessions
  • Face-to-face sessions
  • Sessions in the water
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Akashic Activator®️ Unlimited Light®️

It is a phototherapy technology of holographic patterns in the form of a series of visual codes that work in gamma waves in the user, acting as cellular fuel to repair the neural network system to achieve balance in our physical, mental, emotional health, etc.


  • Cell rejuvenator
  • Regulates metabolism
  • Balances the immune system
  • Reduce anxiety and stress

It connects with all the switches and transmitters that are in the neural network system and connects with the Akashic transformer and the cerebral hemispheres, heart and intestines and tailbone, connecting with millions of neural connections and communications. It is used in people, animals, children, young people and adults. There is no interference or intervention.

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Akashic®️ Activator II

It works on neuroplasticity and the processes of neurogenesis (the birth and proliferation of new neurons in the brain) and neuronal regeneration.


  • It enhances sleep quality
  • Cell regeneration
  • Balance and balance
  • Welfare
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Akashico®️ Connection

Work on neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, to enhance neuronal activity and neuronal synapses, through Akashic® Connection, it is a process that is in continuous work to be able to integrate and prepare us for the process of balancing your Neuroakashic® potential, which connects and balances the neural network system. It is the process of Akashic® Connection, brain-heart-intestines coherence and active neuronal expansion.


  • DNA activation
  • Heart-brain-intestine balance
  • Restoration and cellular integration Balanced nervous system
Soft yellow lights abstract background.

Neurokashic®️ Connection

Its purpose is to develop superior capabilities in people and achieve a state of balance, fullness, well-being, optimal health, coherence, multiple intelligences, high Neuroakashico® potential, among others; psychic, artistic, sporting, scientific and other abilities are developed and enhanced.


  • Active neural connection
  • Synaptic and Glia cell connection
  • Unfolding, integration of the Self
  • Condensation of photonic light (x, y, z) and activated light fields
  • Oneness with Everything
  • Integration
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"Nervous system


It is the controller, transport vehicle, control or information panel that transmits signals and moves networks; It is the time machine that works with the heart in all lines and space of time. It is integrated from the system of neural networks, family, ancestral, planetary, universal, cosmic, universes, multi-universes, and everything. They integrate time cycles, timelines, among others, preparing to integrate into the network system.


  • Balance at the level of uprooting and greater anchoring
  • Balance of brain power (level of consciousness)
  • System integration and ancestral lineage
  • Balance feminine and masculine principle
  • Balance of giving and environmental relationships
  • Balance of coherence and harmonic state
  • Integrate non-separation, like the energy of money, love
  • Integrate other realities and relativities
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Network Systems

It contains all the transformers of the entire respective network system. Therefore, the Neural Network System is the basis of all knowledge. The neural network system is made up of the set of cellular networks, neurotransmitters and hormones; to the great universe, making the structural adjustments that correspond to your Network System. The purpose is to integrate the 5th act, to become and transform yourself into the great observer of the network systems and the Great Akashic Matrix®, you are the observer acting from the great observer, you are part of the network systems.


  • The principles of unity are worked on. Full balance towards the 5th act
  • Network System Adjustment
  • Network System Operation
  • The Universal Global Network System works
  • Effects on Network Systems
  • Type of Network System Movements
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Science Biotechnology DNA Abstract.

Great Network Systems

The great system of neural networks, also called the great observer or state of harmony, is achieved through the installation, reconfiguration and maintenance of this great system, accessing this field and corresponding system. The purpose is to integrate the 6th, to become and transform yourself into the great observer, with you being the great system of networks, this is super brain.


  • Installation of the large network system
  • Reconfiguration of the large network system
  • Maintenance of the large network system
  • Balance/state of harmony, 6th. act
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This certification includes:

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  • eBook Manual
  • Digital certificate
  • Interactive videos
  • Digital books of mandalas
  • License to use as a practitioner
  • Registration to website as an intern
  • Platform for accessing material and classes through Google Meet
  • Group on Telegram
  • Group sessions (audios)
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  • Himalayan singing bowl sounds, crystal quartz and handpan sounds.
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Neurons Money

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Neuroakashic® came to me at a time in my life when I was searching. I was studying and the moment I heard the word Neuroakashic® my field of life lit up and within me I knew that there was great learning, each class surprised me, I loved it, I was very excited and it never stopped surprising me. The personal experience of releasing, letting go and above all expanding.

It was a wonderful thing, since that's what I connected with the most; with self-love, the expansion of love and the day I finished the course, with my self-session, it was a wonderful experience, because the last phrase of the Neuroakashic® course and certification was “Welcome home” and it has been the gift of life that God, the countryside, the universe, myself and Ana Silvia gave me. Because for me, it was reaching the heart, reaching love, reaching the origin, reaching unity and wholeness. That's my experience, thank you very much.

– Marciela Martínez

Rock Crystal Gems
Rock Crystal Gems
Rock Crystal Gems


For me, Neuroakashic® has been fundamental in my life. I can tell you with complete clarity that it is a before and after. Getting to Neuroakashic® was unblocking without pain, that's what I loved, it was from the depths and it was without the head involved. Neuroakashic® is a technology that works at such deep levels that it has been a great experience, things have happened to me that had never happened in my life.

I found technology that is allowing me to break paradigms in many areas of my life. I had very severe insomnia problems, but now I am sleeping wonderfully, I am very calm. Deeply grateful to the universe, to Ana Silvia and to myself. The doors open and the money arrives, many areas are opening that we did not even imagine were blocked.

– Rosa María Espíritu Santo

Quartz Crystal
Quartz Crystal
Quartz Crystal


My experience in the Neuroakashic® certification has been of great contribution in my personal, work and professional life, it has helped me to have that balance in all areas of my life, and also to be able to share with my users, in what is has observed a transformation in their lives, each session is unique since it is capable of working on what the user requires or what corresponds to each person, the magic is present and the light manifests.

– Yessy Cano

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